Review: Wealthy Affiliate

Score: 9/10

The first misconception I had about Wealthy Affiliate was that it was MLM (multi-level marketing); some refer to MLM as a “Pyramid Scheme”.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with MLM.  I’ve done it before and have known many others that have had success with it.  However, I have yet to experience for myself the ROI (return-on-invest) I needed from MLM businesses.

There’s two ways to make money $$$ with Wealthy Affiliate.  Here are your options:

  1. Choose a niche of your interest; i.e. dogs, cars, makeup, food, fitness, etc.  Once you have decided, Wealthy Affiliate will help you create a website in less than 30 seconds.  After that, you learn how to market your site and then choose the Amazon products you want to sell.  With each sale, you collect a commission and get paid through PayPal.  That’s it!
  2. No niche? No problem.  You can market Wealthy Affiliate and spread the word about it.  If someone decides to sign up for the free account, you get a referral bonus.  If they sign up for a premium account, you bonus is even bigger.  These bonuses are also paid through PayPal.  That’s it!

Wealthy Affiliate scored rather high for me because I learned so much about building an audience, creating a website, SEO and internet marketing.  I was able to use that information to help me with other business opportunities and I learned it for free. To top it all off, I made money!  There is also a wonderful and supportive online community in the chatroom at all times so you are never alone.  The beauty about this program is you could totally make money with Wealthy Affiliate absolutely free ($0/month) OR you could do the upgraded premium account ($49/month).  Either way, it’s worth a shot to check out and see if it’s for you.  Sign up for free here: Wealthy Affiliate 

Have you tried Wealthy Affiliate before?  I want to hear your thoughts, feedback or questions.  Thanks for readin’, y’all!

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